6 Waiters Vacancies in Malabar Magic Restaurant & Grills Abu Dhabi


ملازمت کی آسامیاں:

  • پوزیشن: ویٹرس
    • Number of Openings: 6 (Male/Female)

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Company Details:

  • Company Name: Malabar Magic Restaurant & Grills
  • Location: M12-Shabiya, Behind GT9 Autocare, Musaffah – Abu Dhabi

Application Instructions

Please send your CV via WhatsApp to: +971555610087

"6 Waiters Vacancies in Malabar Magic Restaurant & Grills Abu Dhabi" پر 3 خیالات

    • Dear sir/Madam,

       I am writing to apply for the position of waiter at your company, which was recently advertised on job posting websites LinkedIn.

       As you ‘ll find in my resume, I have been a waiter for the past 1 year 8 months at pannor  restaurant, where I have developed strong relationships with customers and learned the intricacies of delivering exceptional service. I am excited to bring my customer service skills to your company and join a team that is known for its warmth and generosity in serving others. 

       I have been always had an interest in food since I was young and as a Ghanaian immigrant, it’s even more important to me that I am able to provide for myself with a job that is fun and allows me to share my culture with others. As a waiter, I get to do both of these things because it allows me to be around food all the time, but also gives me the opportunity to enlighten others about dishes from my culture. 

       The experience working at panoor restaurant as a waiter has really helped me develop my customer service skills and understand how important it is that everyone receives an exceptional dining experience. I am sure that these skills would translate well into your company environment and make me a member of your staff. 


                                             فریڈرک او ایس ای

      جواب دیں

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