Why is my CV not getting selected? Even after applying for 100+ jobs? ATS Explained

Why is my CV not getting selected? Even after applying for 100+ jobs? ATS Explained

So many job seekers in the UAE nowadays ask, “Why am I not getting a call from the company?” “Why is my resume getting selected?”. If you are also facing the same problem, let’s read the below points and understand what an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is.

What’s in ATS? and Why employers are using it?

Nowadays, almost every company uses software called an applicant tracking system (ATS). Do you know? After publishing a job vacancy, the hiring team may get hundreds or thousands of applications by email. It’s not practical to check every email and resume file.

What is ATS?

Applicant Tracking System, which is an automatic system used to shortlist the most matched applicants from submitted resumes and CVs.

So what it does is read through all the emails, and then it will match resumes that are good and have a ratio of at least 80% matching. which are very close to the job description and job requirements.

How to Get My CV or Resume on the ShortList

If you want to get shortlisted, then you have to learn how to match your job description with your resume in such a way that your resume comes up whenever people search for it, right?

How to Get My CV/Resume Getting Short-Listed?

And then Because out of 100 resumes, maybe the recruiting manager will select 5 or 10 by using the ATS. It all depends on your skills, experience, qualifications, language, and everything else mentioned in your CV.

ATS Friendly Resume

To make your resume ATS-friendly, follow this point:

  1. Clear Sections: Your resume follows a simple format with different sections. The resume needs to have different sections like “summary, “skills, “experience, “educational qualifications, etc.
  2. Simple Fonts: The font used should be pretty simple; don’t use any fancy fonts. So ideally, in the fonts, you can use Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, etc.
  3. Did not use: Any tables, columns, special characters, or even photos, because ATS generally doesn’t read your photos (using photos is optional).
  4. Bullet Points: Prefer to have bullet points. So if you’re mentioning your skills or your responsibilities in a project, try to mention them in bullet points. Don’t try to mention everything in long paragraphs.
  5. Avoid Using Header/Footers: Try to avoid using headers and footers in your resume. Some ATS software may not be able to read it if you mention some of your important information, like your contact details, in your header or footer, which can prevent hiring management from being able to contact you even if you are selected.
  6. Keep File Format: Generally, the accepted file formats are PDF or DOC.
  7. Use Keywords: Try to use job-related keywords from the job description. For example, if your job description is about a digital marketing executive and it specifies some related keywords like Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, search engine optimization, etc., So whenever ATS matches the job description with your resume, it will find all the relevant information in your resume, thereby increasing your chances of getting selected.

These are all essential points to make your resume ATS-friendly, and for more information, we recommend you watch the full video given below. Also, check out some examples and templates on Indeed.

A detailed video explanation about how to make your resume ATS-friendly

A few days ago, we published an article about “free resume/CV building websites and apps” that you can read here: Best 5 Apps To Make A “Modern Job Resume” In 2023.

How to Use the Job Eligibility Checker

We recommend trying our “Job Eligibility Checker” before you apply or submit a resume. If your score is above 60%, our system will suggest that you apply. If it’s below 60%, we will not entertain applications. because the chance may be very low to get that job. The demo is given below.


Check Your Eligibility

Help you to evaluate your qualification and eligibility for this particular job position.

1 / 10

1. Do you handle high-pressure situations?

2 / 10

2. Are you ready for relocation?

3 / 10

3. What is your Nationality?

4 / 10

4. Do you have previous experience in this job field?

5 / 10

5. What salary range are you expecting for this position?

6 / 10

6. What is your current visa status?

7 / 10

7. Have you read the above job details?

8 / 10

8. Have you worked in the UAE before?

9 / 10

9. How many years of experience?

10 / 10

10. What is your educational qualification?

Your score is


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