Best 5 Apps to Make a “Modern Job RESUME” in 2023

Best 5 Apps to Make a "Modern Job RESUME" in 2023

Looking to create a modern job resume that stands out in 2023? Look no further than these 5 apps/websites! Our expert-curated list includes the best options for crafting a professional and visually stunning resume or cv that will catch the eye of any HR manager. Whether you’re a recent graduate, with no experience or a seasoned professional, these apps and websites will help you showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. Don’t miss out on your dream job – scroll down and check out our top picks today!

A resume is a formal document that a candidate for a position creates to outline their qualifications. It is our business to purchase personalized cover letters from candidates who indicate interest in a particular position. Using free resume builder software, you can effortlessly generate a resume. Create a perfect resume using cutting-edge creation technologies to include a summary of a person’s education, training, qualifications, and skills in a matter of minutes. Sometimes formatting a résumé takes hours. However, making a free résumé is simple. You’ll receive a professional-looking résumé as a result. You can choose from hundreds of free, professionally designed templates and quickly edit them.

What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

Showcase a person’s qualifications and work experience using a CV (curriculum vitae) and a resume when applying for a job, but note the differences between them.

A curriculum vitae (CV) is often a longer, more in-depth document that offers a thorough summary of a person’s academic and professional past, including their schooling, research experience, publications, presentations, awards, and other achievements. It is frequently used in academic settings, research, and applications for jobs abroad.

Demo Resume
Demo CV

On the other hand, a resume is a concise summary of a person’s skills, work experience, and education, typically limited to one or two pages. Tailor a resume to emphasize relevant skills and experience for a specific job application and use it for business, industry, and non-academic positions.

While both documents seek to highlight a person’s abilities, a resume emphasizes certain skills and experiences pertinent to a given position while a CV concentrates on a person’s overall professional trajectory. Additionally, each document’s layout and content can change based on the nation, sector, and standards for job applications.

Best 5 Free Apps/web to Create Resume/CV

  1. Canva: This is a very popular design website/app. Here you can find out hundreds of resume/cv templates. Choose one template and customize it by adding your data. Canva allows you to download resumes in multiple file types like pdf, jpg, or png. You can use the Canva website, Also available on Mac OSiOS, and Android.
  2. CakeResume: In 2016, CakeResume was founded to assist job seekers in effectively showcasing their value. For users to produce highly personalized resumes, we develop an easily accessible free resume/CV builder. CakeResume allows users to easily drag and edit portions of photos, videos, and slides to create distinctive and attractive resumes. In addition to 500+ actual resume examples from various industries and 50+ professional templates, CakeResume enables cross-platform sharing and free resume PDF download. Creating an effective résumé is simple as pie! You can access the service through the website, android app, or ios app.
  3. Resume Builder App, CV maker: [Only Android App] You may quickly and easily generate a professional resume and curriculum vitae for job applications using the intelligent cv’s Resume Builder software. There are more than 50 resume templates accessible, and each one comes in 15 different colors. So, both offline and online, you can choose from 500+ resume designs. You can download the app from the google play store.
  4. Novo Resume: [Website Only] By using pre-established parts that have been endorsed by recruiters all over the world, you can begin creating your resume in under 5 seconds. Additionally, you can edit it to fit your preferences and personality before clicking “Download.” Even if you’ve never created a resume before, it’s THAT simple to use! You can try NovoResume through the website.
  5. Resume Builder · CV Maker app: [iOS Only] A resume that gets you hired quickly can be easily created using Resume Builder. Use resume templates that have been professionally reviewed by recruiters and that adhere to the exact resume rules’ demanded by companies. You can download this app from the Apple app store.

These 5 apps and websites are just Job Feed suggested resume and cv builders. you can find out thousands of websites, android apps, and ios applications online. Search and use this kind of service at your convenience.

You can get free Resume/Cv templates online that can be edited by Microsoft Word/PowerPoint. Lots of fresher job seekers use this method to create a modern resume in 2023.

Helpful Websites for Job Seekers

As a job seeker, you can refer to our website JobFeed.Online. Here we publish trusted and genuine vacancy announcements that you can apply directly to the corresponding company. We will try to do our tagline (Straightforward Job Search Engine) 100% justice to you.

Also, you can try Enrology Job Portal, EnroJobs, UAE Jobs, and News Gulf websites for searching latest vacancies in the Middle East.

Top 9 Job Portals in UAE

  1. LinkedIn –
  2. Indeed –
  3. Gulf Talent –
  4. Naukri Gulf –
  5. Monster Gulf –
  6. Bayt –
  7. Buzzon by Khaleej Times –
  8. Dubizzle –
  9. Getthat by Gulf News

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Wishing you all the best in your job search! May you find the perfect role that brings you joy and fulfillment.

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