200 housekeepers received iftar treatment during Ramadan: “First time in Dubai”

200 housekeepers received treatment during Ramadan: "First time in Dubai"

During the holy month of Ramadan, friends and relatives often host Iftar parties and get-togethers, but an organization based in the UAE decided to use the opportunity to recognize its employees. Around 200 employees from the home maintenance company “mplus” who worked in housekeeping were treated to a magnificent Iftar by the company at a hotel in Dubai. The occasion was a show of respect and consideration from the management for its staff.

The Iftar celebration was open to all corporate employees. Elderly community members joined in to bless and support these dedicated people. The gathering included a dinner party and took place at a hotel in Karama.

One of the guests, Srinivas Muta, who works in the company’s housekeeping department, states, “We liked the gathering and Iftar that was just conducted. I enjoyed spending time with my mplus family, who have become my second family since I moved away to work in the UAE.

“I’ve never seen a restaurant of this type, but the cuisine was excellent. I sent the photos to my friends back home, who were delighted to see me in such a magnificent setting. I appreciate the management at mplus for planning a unique evening for us.

Since most of the staff members are thousands of miles away from their families and loved ones, the gathering aimed to make them feel special and valued. They were honored with gift cards and certificates and treated to delicious cuisine and a cozy, homey atmosphere at the opulent restaurant.

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