IT Engineer Job Vacancy in Memco UAE

IT Engineer Job Vacancy in Memco UAE

Memco, a company based in the UAE, is currently seeking an IT Engineer for a job position. The ideal candidate should have 4-6 years of experience in the field and must be locally available in the UAE. Immediate availability to join the company is also required.

Job Position – IT Engineer


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Company Name – Memco

Interested individuals can reach out to Memco by sending an email to [email protected].

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1 thought on “IT Engineer Job Vacancy in Memco UAE”

  1. Hi Sir/Mam,
    I have completed my bachelor’s in computers and have 9 years of experience in Information Technology. Currently I am in Dubai on a visa and looking for a suitable job.

    Email id – [email protected]
    contact number – 0551436806.
    Nationality – Indian

    Thank you.
    Sandeep Arya


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