Pest Control Engineer

In the bustling cityscape of Abu Dhabi, a crucial position awaits an adept individual – a ‘TADWEER’ approved Pest Control Engineer with a valid UAE driving license. This article delves into the intricacies of the job description, duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, and more.

1. Job Description:

1.1 Overview:

Navigating through the responsibilities, a Pest Control Engineer is urgently needed to manage Pest Control contracts, oversee sites, handle Municipality-related activities, and strategize daily planning and deployment.

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1.2 TADWEER Approval:

Understanding the significance of being approved by ‘TADWEER, ‘ the article emphasizes the importance of compliance in the region’s pest control practices.

2. Duties & Responsibilities:

2.1 Pest Identification and Elimination:

a. Identify all crawling/flying pests and rodents, and spray chemical solutions near surfaces to eliminate pests. b. Install mechanical traps and place bait to eradicate rodents from the property.

2.2 Property Inspection:

Inspect the property to determine wall and roof porosity, identifying possible sites of pest invasion.

2.3 Treatment Planning:

Study preliminary reports and diagrams of infested areas to determine the required treatment type to eliminate and prevent recurrence.

2.4 Safe Pesticide Application:

Apply pesticides safely in buildings or structures and the surrounding environment, emphasizing the utilization of appropriate protective gear and equipment.

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2.5 Comprehensive Pest Control Services:

The Pest Control Engineer should possess experience in all aspects of pest control services, covering general pest control, termite control, gas fumigation, etc.

3. Qualification:

3.1 Educational Background:

a. Candidates must be graduates in Zoology, Entomology, or Agriculture.

3.2 Certification and Experience:

b. TADWEER Certification for pest control. c. Valid UAE driving license. d. Minimum two years of experience in the UAE.

4. Job Location and Remuneration:

4.1 Location:

The job is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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4.2 Salary and Benefits:

AED 3,500.00 – AED 5,000.00 per month, negotiable based on experience. Other benefits as per the Labor Law. Visa preference will be provided.

5. Application Details:

If you meet the criteria, please get in touch with +971555906898.

6. FAQs:

6.1 How essential is TADWEER approval for a Pest Control Engineer in Abu Dhabi?

TADWEER approval ensures adherence to local pest control regulations and standards.

6.2 What protective measures should a Pest Control Engineer take during pesticide application?

Utilizing appropriate protective gear and equipment is imperative for the engineer’s safety during pesticide application.

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6.3 Can candidates from non-agricultural backgrounds apply for the position?

While candidates from Zoology, Entomology, or Agriculture backgrounds are preferred, others with relevant experience may also be considered.

6.4 Is the salary negotiable, and what other benefits are offered?

Yes, the salary is negotiable based on experience. Other benefits are provided as per the Labor Law.

6.5 How long does the visa processing take for the selected candidates?

Visa preference will be provided, and the processing time may vary.

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