14 New Job Vacancies at Injaaz Facilities Management

وظائف في الامارات

Positions Available:

  • Plumbers
  • الماسونيون
  • النجارين
  • دهان
  • Receptionist
  • FM Admin
  • Logistic Officer
  • AC Technicians
  • Multi Technicians
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • AC Duct and Pipe Insulation
  • Facility Manager (1 nos.)
  • FM Supervisor (2 nos.)
  • عمال النظافة

كيفية التقديم:
Interested candidates are requested to email their resumes to [email protected].

Join Injaaz Facilities Management and be a part of a dynamic team in various roles!

Please ensure that your communication is in English (US) language.

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